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What is this all about?

MY MOTTO: I believe that in every person there is an artist! Art is not so much about the talent but the willingness to learn.


WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR?: It's for the beginner & the advanced; you don't have to know how to paint or create you just need the willingness to learn and pick up a brush BUT it’s also for the more advanced artisan too! I will help you grow your skills to another level! Iron sharpens iron! We are going to hone and sharpen our craft and bring your skills up a notch! 


WHAT WILL THIS GROUP FOCUS ON?: In this group, we will be doing many different and unique art forms that include hand painting, image transfers, unique finishes, old world finishes, patina paint, and so very much more. This group will be filled with other creative people that not only want to learn, but will encourage you in your quest to grow and flourish as an artisan! 


WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT TO SEE EACH MONTH?: Each month there will be a new project that you can decide if you want to paint then and there or wait until another time. The videos will always be included in our group for you to enjoy time after time. Each month our lessons will come in units so you can watch each unit and work at your own pace. I will include a detailed list of all materials you will need for the next months project in advance. Several times during the month I will also be coming on the group live and teaching not only art but furniture design and techniques from cleaning, to mild repairs, to making molds, and pretty much everything involved in the business. As well as other crafts and design tips and tricks!


WILL THIS GROUP ONLY BE ABOUT PAINTING?: Of course there are so many types of artisans with so many unique talents! If you are an artist or have another type of business such as weaving, crafting, jewelry making, etc. this is still for you! It will give you creative new ideas and I hope to have many guests on that can help each of you push your creative skills to a brand new level. This will be a safe place to post any kind of projects whatever level you are at, without the fear of judgment or ridicule! We will grow together and be each other’s best cheerleaders!


MY COMMITMENT TO YOU: I will give you a 150% of my willingness to be honest but lead you to a better you! We each have a desire to grow and learn more. To be the best we can be. Lets do this together. 

  • I will answer every post. 

  • Give kind, constructive suggestions.     

  • Help you with areas you need help in. 


You will also be able to book one on one art lessons for an additional price. I will give you the best for your money because I know resources can be thin sometimes.

Remember this is an investment in you! 


This group is being offered at an introductory price of $24.99 per month plus tax! You cannot even take one art class for that! 

We will be posting more information on how to register & set up your subscription the second week of May. In To be one of the first to sign up please join our exclusive waitlist group to get first access to the registration link. 



I can’t wait to begin this new adventure! I hope to see you there!

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